I am an engineer born in Brazil, I am 48 years old and have always liked people and technology. I have had a long career as an executive in production planning, logistics and distribution. In the last 10 years I worked as operations manager and COO, leading people in logistics, technology, customer service, HR, planning, CRM, Process and Project management. Even with a strong aptitude for technical work, I always liked to interact and manage conflicts, integrate processes and develop people. I have strong people and communications skills.

I started programming computers in the 1980's as a hobby first and as a student and intern in high school (Basic, dBbase/Clipper), college and mechanical engineer laboratory (Turbo Pascal and C) and early in my career as an engineer and data analyst using Visual Basic and SQL to develop solutions in MS Excel and MS Access to implement advanced production planning and inventory management in a manufacturer with more than 10 production plants and more than 100 point of sales nation wide. After that, as I take over more management jobs I've been away from programming but always applying technology, processes and people to develop business and achieve results.

Finally, after leaving a 10 year job as COO, I decided to reenter the world of web developing, with love and passion!

  • freelance web developer

  • front-end developer

  • javascript programming